Morgan Le Fay - Print


Morgan Le Fay - Print


This lovely depiction of Morgan le Fay is printed with high quality inks on heavy weight archival Moab paper. It measures 8.5x11” and will be shipped in a protective plastic sleeve with a hard cardboard backing and rigid mailer to keep it safe.

Morgan le Fay is fictional witch (depending on who you ask) from the King Arthur tales. The portrayals of her vary widely, but in most she has a pretty sad upbringing. 

Her father is essentially killed by Uther Pendragon, who then forces her mother Igraine to marry him. (Igraine and Uther also bear Arthur, making Arthur and Morgan half-siblings). Worried that she might rebel against him, Uther sends Morgan off to a nunnery, where she apparently learns... necromancy? I don’t think that was part of the core nunnery curriculum, but whatever, just go with it. 

Then, after Arthur comes to power, she’s married off. Buuuut she hates the guy and runs away to become Merlin’s apprentice, probably looking to take back some control over her fate after her awful upbringing.

I don’t know if you guys know, but Merlin’s a pretty creepy old dude. He probably just wanted to get in her pants, but she put up with it. That is, until she realized she was stronger than he was. Then she tells him to F off, and this is where she starts to become an antagonist in many tales. According to the popular Malory retelling, she’s constantly trying to take Arthur’s throne. 

 As a sorceress, she’s often attributed healing powers and clairvoyance, and again, powers that were much more potent than Merlin’s. In one story,  she’s able to turn herself, and all her people, to stone and then back to life. In many tale variants, she also has many lovers, including like, most of the knights of the round table. 

 Despite a lot of the misogynistic undertones you’d expect from a tale like this  (in one, as soon as she becomes educated at the nunnery she goes from being the most beautiful woman in the world to the ugliest. No correlation there) she generally has a pretty nuanced character- confident, ambitious, wounded, beautiful, and powerful. 

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